Scammer: Mustafa Albion - From Macedonia


Name: Mustafa Albion
Born 24.12.1999
From Macedonia

Additional info we’ve dug up.
(He has hidden all his FB accounts now)


Known properties:


This was a fully ID verified user, with transaction history, who cheated another ID verified user. Basically, to save money, they went off-site (during an open ticket too). Long story short, this person stole 1500 USD in BTC and pulled back a property. This person will be reported to the Macedonian cybercrime division and the seller banned for going offsite. This should be a reminder to everyone that you shouldn’t trust anyone, even ID verified users as in reality, even scammers sometimes don’t mind revealing their identity.


Whoa, this guy is something else. I found out he goes by “Albion666” all over the web. Anyway, if you use and search for Albion666 (with quotes), you will see this persons favorite past time. And I am 99% sure that’s him, as I’ve found him commenting in Macedonian on some videos on some real sketchy porn sites.


Also, this would be our second scammer from Macedonia this week. :frowning:
Overall, in the past couple of days/weeks we see a rise in scam activity, which is a huge shame as things were really calm.


Looks like a mugshot

PEOPLE - DON’T GO OFFSITE. SwapD is here to protect us from being scammed.

and at least there’s a diversity… first time I see a scammer that isn’t from Pakistan.



Yeah it was actually sad to see that two ID verified users with transaction history went off-site. Just shows you that you shouldn’t trust the other person, as one day he may get tired of SWAPD and say “F-it. I am going out with style and taking someones money”


Im 99% sure this guy got me too (before i found out about swapd) he sent me his id too before i sent payment.


In that case, send his ID to the Macedonian Cybercrime division.
Head of the Sector for Computer Crime and Digital Forensics

Just write a short report/your story and add his ID. The more reports we file on this guy, the more trouble he will be in.


Ill see if I can dig it out.


No matter how many reports you fill, places like Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo will always not give a fuk. Disgusting places to live in and shame on you to die in! My 2 cents


Maybe so, but the alternative is to do nothing. At least the guy will have a file made on him (or some sort of record). And that’s a start. Even shitty governments do not like if an average citizen is making money that isn’t being taxed, no matter what the source is. So, there is always hope.


Here iam… Learning a new country name

Macedonia :heart_eyes:


What the ■■■■ is this generalization?

Is every Muslim a terorist?
Is every African American a criminal?

I am Macedonian and reading your comment pissed me off. Yes, we have idiots that pull these kinds of stuff, but not everyone is the same. And, if you cared to do a quick research, you’d find out that this guy is from Kosovo that happens to live in Macedonia.

Maybe, just maybe stop generalizing people. I’d also like to ask you, or if you are not willing to, @Swapd to edit his comment and make it a bit more acceptable.


I’m cursing the system you retard not the people. I’m from Albania myself and knowing Albania, Kosova and Macedonia having tons of scammers, a lot of people have went to the police and gotten zero attention no matter how much the facts were there and you had a build up case against “X” scammer. Read things twice before commenting back, you got triggered by reading something completely else.



That should prove your point, about disgusting places to live, must feel great to contribute to it, doesn’t it?


Ofcourse they are disgusting to live in! Living somewhere where you absolutely don’t feel safe by your own government or at least have some rights where you go and have “X” case, to be listened and be treated as it should be.

Please man, you’re overreacting over the truth. This places are and will be absolutely disgusting to live in.


Coming from Albania, if you don’t adapt to what the society makes you to be, you end up last in the food chain.

This has come as a result of me having to adapt in this kind of awful places as it’s the only way to stay above. Honestly, retard is what you get when you couldn’t seperate what I said and jumping right away into your own reply.

Next time read it again and try to understand what the other person has wrote before responding.


I did understand. You’re painting a bad picture for everyone.

Only these 3 countries are corrupt and rotten, nowhere else. Also, no other politician gets into politics for personal gain, just Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Grow up. The world is same everywhere, just our countries are not developed enough for the polititians to hide it well like the others do. Or to actualy care enough to hide.


Isn’t it possible he just used someone else his ID to sign up?


Could be, but it matched his Facebook profile that he is now actively hiding. He also had a fit that we still had his ID. He emailed our customer support inbox saying “hey wtf I thought you guys deleted IDs…”

We do, we delete them off our servers because we know no website is unbreachable and sooner or later SWAPD may get hacked. We wouldn’t want to compromise users IDs that way, so they’re deleted from our servers. However, as stated in our terms, we keep a copy in a offline harddrive (separate from our servers or public IPs), just for cases like these.

Users do have the right to have that removed upon request, also. Providing they aren’t a scammer who just conned someone for 1500 USD. But the removal of ID will also mean the termination of your SWAPD account.