Scammer: Mustafa Albion - From Macedonia


Hey this is the same guy who was trying to exchange his instagram with our facebook page sometime ago but we refused then they gave a offer and said higher than swapd :confused:


That’s why recently facebook deleted all that pages which admins belongs to Macedonia…


Any source on that?


One shitty ■■■■■■■ does something bad and u guys blame the whole country, First of all i’m macedonian and for sure i can tell you this guy is not “macedonian” he is albanian, a real macedonian guy will never scam you ,in each country and religion there is good and bad people and don’t blame the whole country, and wtf he is gone to deal with pay/buy offsite? The same second someone tells you “hey lets do it offsite” u should know its 100% scam.


Macedonia is Greek… Just kidding :grinning:


How do you tell who’s a real Macedonian? Because just last week one of our clients was scammed for 1100 EUR, and he was from Macedonia, with a Macedonian ID. Serious question, not trying to stir anything up here.


And this guy who we’re talking about this topic also had a National Macedonian ID card. I have it on file. So, how isn’t he Macedonian?


He have macedonian ID because he lives here, but orginally he is muslim-albanian from Kosovo or Albania a real macedonian dont have a name like “mustafa” or last name like “Albion” macedonian people are ortodox and they last name ends with “ski” like you mentioned above “marjan_stoilkovski” macedonian people have names like “marjan,dejan,stefan” not, mustafa,muhamed and etc


Don’t forget Aleksandar. That is an original Macedonian name.


stop provoking without reason if you dont have something smart to say or be reasonable its better to stay silent than talking crap. “And i know what you are trying right now”


Our last guys name who scammed our client was named Vasko Gjorgiev. Is that Macedonian?


Also, we’re from Poland :smiley: All our names end with SKI here (well most).


Provoking how?


This was an interesting read. Here’s my takeaway: don’t go off-site and Macedonia is trying to become the new Pakistan.


That’s an insult to Pakistan!!!


Also, all Pakistani people aren’t bad. But, I still block the whole country from accessing my website and Facebook pages. It’s not about calling an entire place bad. It’s realizing that poor areas do unethical things to try to feed their families.


While that may be true for most, this isn’t a golden rule. I’ve been to some poor places in this world and seen that people can be kind and fair, even when enduring hardship.


Absolutely. But, that doesn’t mean I’d leave my keys in my car in those areas. If you allow yourself to be vulnerable you have nobody but yourself to blame when someone steals your stuff.


You can lose your kidney in place like Paris or Rome


Macedonia is multiethnic country and we do have lot of religions here so first ones are macedonians,then albanians,then serbians,turks,bulgarians and gipsy , by the last name you mentioned he is more like bulgarian because it edns with “ev” and he probably lives close to bulgarian border and have those lines…not saying he’s not macedonian in general they all have macedonian id and passport and documents but in real they dont claim to be macedonian, for example muslim-albanian or like we call them “siptar” will never say “i’m macedonian” and that means for others too… and like i mentioned real macedonians last name ends with “ski”, and i’m not defending anyone or blame, and also that doesn’t means that “macedonian are angels” each country and religion have shitty people, and i’ll give everyone a warning when it comes from “macedonia” be very carefull because most of those people never ever have seen 1000$ in live or atleast touch especially kids like this one 19y old.