Scammer: Mustafa Albion - From Macedonia


Macedonia is not a poor country. 80-90% of the People in Macedonia have their own houses or apartments and almost every Home have 2 cars.
As a results of post-sociisam some things are much cheaper than the Western Europe, that is all.


Exactly, Chuckie. It’s just keeping your eyes open to the possibilities. Bad things happen all over the world. But, crimes related to theft have a high chance of happening in poorer regions of the world. So, the thing to do is not put yourself in a position where someone has the ability to steal your ■■■■.




Macedonia is a country with an unemployment rate of over 30%. It’s actually rated one of the poorest countries in Europe. So, that tells me there aren’t jobs so people do what they can to bring money into their homes.


Now, the one thing I love about swapd is that we are a very diverse group of people and it shows that there are good people everywhere. But, I don’t trust anyone here enough to do an off-site transaction.


That’s true Sramey2004, but its doesn’t mean that “we” all steal or scam, the ones that are doing this are generally muslims from kosovo you name it they have it drugs,weapons eveything. Real macedonians are not really into crime, they do hard work and i can speak in my name i dont like to do ■■■■, i like to do fair deals and business and profit and both sides to be satisfied so like i mentioned dont go offsite and u won’t get scammed, the real blame here is to the guy who wanted to go “cheap” and payed the biggest price.


I agree. But, I still block Pakistan from going on my pages and website. Lol


All the scam messages stopped when I blocked them.


Now, I know one or good Pakistani people here. Like Hussey. But, I will remain cautious.


A Pakistani is Member of the Month, February 2019 hahahahaha. Third time. Enjoying the thread really.


Listen, I know there are good people in Pakistan. But, I won’t make the exception the rule.


There was a time I was easily provoked. Now enjoy any such comment. Hurrraaayyyyyy.


I would seriously ban Pakistan if it wasn’t for Hussey and maybe 2-3 other members. I can easily predict that for every 10 users from Pakistan, 7-8 will try something with us. It has gotten so bad that when I see an Pakistani IP = instant rectal exam. Nothing personal against Pakistan, it’s a matter of making my life easier and protecting the members. When you constantly get attacked, you tend to lose it and want to stop the source of your pain.


Bernard Lawrence Madoff is an American former market maker, investment advisor, financier, fraudster, and convicted felon, who is currently serving a federal prison sentence for offences related to a massive Ponzi scheme.


Nice discussion everyone.
His nationality or name doesn’t matter imo.
From Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo or whatever.


Good guy Yair.jpg :smiley:


Germans are the worst, they fart in public.


Been to Germany, didn’t see this :smiley: (smell this?)


So three users in total ITT have been scammed by this individual already :frowning:


I’d pay thousands of dollars for people to have consequences over scamming. It would make me feel so good to see them do jail time and have their life ruined :ok_hand: