Scammer: Mustafa Albion - From Macedonia


Stop weeping and just accept what so ever is the reality… Have u heard of Bobs Vagana jokes… it is based on indians/pak/bangladeshis who ask random girls to send nudes. being an indian it doesnt hurt me and i dont weep for it coz i know in reality ppl here ask for it and it should trolled/roasted… Facts doesnt see ur emotions… Move on be a good man to urself…


Got a mini heart attack seeing ur name :stuck_out_tongue: . Hussey (probably xian name)… went inside ur profile and saw hussain and that gave my heart a little soothing :stuck_out_tongue:


That is not true they really care :slight_smile: and do they jobs and I know this guy from other facebook groups and he is a known scammer.


Indians and Pakistanis are same People Who hate each other for nothing.