Scammer or not? Need help

Somebody is claiming to be from bored panda and is offering me $40 per article @ 2-3 a day.

I’m almost waiting for them to ask me to “verify” my Facebook page as I’ve heard so many scammers start by offering me something like this.

I messaged the bored panda page to ask them to verify if this person works for them but no reply

W8 boredpanda answer…

This is a scam. they’ll ask you to add them on business manager and take control of your page.

That’s why I asked how they’ll provide the link and they told me they’ll just send me the link to post

Might ask them to send me the cash before anything lol

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Yeh reads just like the scams apart from there not offering the notmal 5k for 2 posts a day :joy:

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She just asked for my PayPal email… just waiting for the “I need to confirm with my manager” lmao

Haha be interesting to see what they need before they send payment :joy:

The ball has officially dropped

“Yea sure.
Just let me know is your page approved for Instant Articles?”

Haha what a suprise eh :wink:

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This ones a little craftier than the rest. Can actually form 2 sentences.


This is scam… Do not fall in such kind of deal… Otherwise scammer will stole n your page via bussiness manager…

It’s sll good I get it all the time

What’s super annoying is that it won’t let you report messages sent to you by people on Facebook business. :roll_eyes:


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