Section Rules & Guidelines - Please Read!


Looking to buy/sell unique @handles (sometimes called OG handles) on various social platforms that include desirable phrases, words, and short abbreviations? This section also includes things rare email addresses, custom URLs, and more!

Rules & Guidelines

For the sake of keeping things running smoothly, we require that all members stick to our following guidelines outlined for this section. On top of agreeing to our Terms of Service, you also agree to the following:

  1. Never post the URL (or mention) your property inside the topic/thread. Keep it for private messages, this way you avoid getting your property flagged and possibly deleted.
  2. Although not required, we kindly ask you to use our pre-written template, stating the most important details about your unique @handle.
  3. Try to keep the subject line as descriptive as you can, for example: “Selling four char Twitter handle related to music. 500 USD.”
  4. Upon a request from a member, or any staff member, you will subject your @handle/unique property to ownership verification. This may include giving temporary access to the account/property to a SWAPD staff member. In most cases, a quick session via Teamviewer should be enough to verify the property.
  5. If submitting screenshots, please make sure to cover any sensitive data (emails/passwords).
  6. All properties sold within this section have to go through our middleman service. Payments and terms for each transaction will be set individually, depending on buyer/seller demands. Dealing off-site, or circumventing our service fee in any way, is ground for instant termination.
  7. No hacked/illegally obtained properties.
  8. Please be respectful, we want this place to be friendly, and unconstructive comments such as “this account sucks” are not welcomed here.
  9. SWAPD staff members reserve the right to delete/modify any listing without prior warning, without any reason given.
  10. Even though our website has a reputation system, keep in mind that people are still people, and you should always keep your guard up. SWAPD will NOT be responsible for any losses incurred dealing without our assistance.
  11. SWAPD offers a safe transaction with a full money back guarantee, providing that the buyer and seller agree to our payment terms listed in our TOS.
  12. All sales are final.