Selling 1 Adsense account. + 1 Revcontent account with approved website

Account type: Adsense + Revcontent
Price: $1100

Description: Selling my Adsense and Revcontent account.

Plus website loaded with viral articles perfect for article posts on social media.

The website has been approved for Adsense and Revcontent.

Or you can add Adsense and Revcontent to your own websites via account dashboard.

Adsense and Revcontent account

Bump post

I am interested in buying , can we talk about price?

@Swapd @Jason I think it is good for the OP to remove the link for his safety.

Not sure about that, domains are OK. But if it’s tied to an account I will remove it just in case.

Ah, I see, thank you @Swapd for the clarification.

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