Selling 100K USA Premium Email Database

Account type: 100,000 USA Active Email Database
Price: $150

I’m selling 100,000 usa active emails that can be used to marketing, selling or boosting your social media. You can do any type of marketing with this email database. This is completely legal, i have access to these emails lists.

What niche of email database is this?

Men vs women

What demographic data if any do you have?

what niche though??

where did the traffic come from? an IG account, youtube, website??

I don’t have precise data about this database but this email list consists in costumers from several shoppings around the country, mostly california

Age? Niche? Gender, please?

i can’t precise 100% but the age is between 22-60 , and around 40% women 60% men , it’s not from a specific niche

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What sort of websites/social pages was the information acquired from? Might help us get a rough idea for niche.

Hey, can you provide URL?

I didn’t know so many people would be interested in an email list. I have multiple websites all over the web in different niches. People who sign up give us a lot of info about themselves. Sex, Age, Email, Phone, Address, and obviously the website depicts the niche. If anyone’s interested let me know I’ll go ahead and list it on swapd.

I’d be interested. The more information on how the data was acquired/nice the better.

the database is from hundreds of webstores customers because of that i can’t presice the niche but all of the 100,000 are actvie people and potential customers for many niches

So you’re not authorized to sell these, then? How did you obtain email addresses from “hundreds of webstores.”

I work in the shopping/mall business and i know high hierarchy people who send me marketing tools and information that i’m allowed to use

So, you have the rights to sell and spread those users personal information? With latest changes on GDPR?

Yes i do, still selling, i have more email databases with targeted niches. dm if interested

Please show us the optin pages and sample of stores. This is too suspicious.

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This is 100% blackhat lol

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bumping this

right lmaooo