Selling 155 subscribers channel get verified badge

Amount of subscribers: 155
Country of subscribers (majority): Mixed
Topic/Niche: Music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):

DM for more, thank you

Note: I won’t guarantee if you rename it and get or lose the tick, I just make sure that this is my channel and will log in normally without any false.

First of all if you change the name of Channel, it will go unverified.

Secondly, only 10k plus Subs Channels are allowed to be sold on this Forum.


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Verified pages can be sold without any imposed limits.

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can you give some more infomation ex: recent activity, user demographic, …

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pm me for more

You will need to sell it with the original email. Is it included?

pm link

@juncember You may only disclose the URL to your channel via private PMs, not publicly.

Pm me some info

Still for sale? I’m interested.

if you change the name on the channel then you will lose the tick

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