Selling 160k page womens related ads break eligible page 150$ only

Country of followers (majority): Pak, Ind
Amount of followers: 160k
Topic/Niche: Fashion Related
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Description: i am selling Fashion related with 72% womens page, ads break eligble and all details have been attached, time wasters please stay away


PM me link n screenshort of 28day also people who like page

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Sending you link in pm, screen shot of people who like insight are attached also last 28 days reach as well you can see in post

230$ new price

Still up for sale price reduced to 150$

Up for sale cheap rates, interested dm

Link please

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Can you send me link please?

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Can you send me any analytics on the ad breaks reach and revenue? Thanks

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I would like to see the earnings page as well.

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I don’t have my own content so I didn’t earned yet

please send link, thanks!

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Okay done

Please sent me your page link

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SOLD! Thank you

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