Selling 167K sub YouTube channel

Country of followers (majority): Asia
Amount of fans/followers: 167000
Topic/Niche:quote/comedy videos
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): No paid promotion were used at the time due to channel ranked high and was getting suggested views growth. it was grown just with good content

Selling my YouTube channel with 167k subs from majority Asia/ the channel made lifetime revenue around $5000 when it was active. Now I don’t have the source to produce content and I’m focusing on blogging worlds rather than YouTube. The channel needs 4000 watch hours to re enable monetizing as it was inactive for 2 years roughly. Also deleted lots of content for my personal reasons

Lifetime views over 28Millions
Lifetime Watched minutes over 68Millions

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ask me

Please specify what promotion methods were used to grow this account, thank you.

I have updated the post. thanks for letting me know

interested link please

PM sent

whats your absolute last price?

I will let it go for $2000 that’s the last bottom

Share the name of your channel please.

is the channel dead because i don’t see any views watch time or subs go up for a good portion of the year i could offer 300$

as we already talked and also i have mentioned channel is not active for 2 years and i ahve also took out all my content

channel is fully private at the moment

I’ll offer $600 send me link


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