Selling 175k fashion and life style instagram account

Country of followers: 1- Brazil 2- Iraq 3- USA

Amount of fans/followers: 175k

Topic/Niche: (Fashion/beauty/life style)
Promotion methods used? (S4S)

I have beem growing this account frome 0 followers its 100% real and active followers you can make easily 500-1000$ monthly frome doing promotion and shoutouts and ads.

The signed in email comes with the account the emai contains
Accounts with alot kf buowith other companies and people for soing ads for there products as well as other websites and you and i will nkt be able to recover the pass beacouse i will send tge sined in email with the account likes per pic 4200. 200 followers every 3 days.

PM handle and insights please

dm please