Selling 1800 USD BTC for TW or PP (Or SWAPD credits)

Thank you!

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Can send Paypal.

1000 USD now. OK, let’s do PP.

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@hussey - You owe me 1250 USD PP - Where is my money!?!?!

@RandyMarsh - You owe me 375 USD TW - Where is my money?

Why are you guys forcing me to do this? You know what happens to people who don’t pay me.

My e exchanger is short of funds due to weekend. Hopefully he will arrange today. He had $800 that we started from but it reached $1250 later.

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@RandyMarsh - What’s your excuse?

Something popped up, I might need some of the money, and until I know how much I can’t sell it to u. sorry admin

I knew you would have a problem handing me money!

@Hussey - In that case, can you do 1600 USD PP?

impatience isn’t a great look

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@Hussey - It’s 1700 now.

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U earn tòo much monies

No, I don’t. Trust me.

But I did get 1200 USD today from our government :smiley: Stimulus package for businesses (COVID19)


You had to give them instead.


@Swapd Among top-20 richest men of Poland.

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1800 now, @Hussey.

@Swapd I have a ticket going for transferwise.
Can you give me btc and take transferwise from the ticket’s amount?

Which ticket?

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