[Selling] 2 Million Subscribers Gaming Channel



Amount of subscribers: 1,972,577
Country of subscribers (top 3): India (20.8%), United States (14.5%), Indonesia (10.2%)
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? 100% Organic

Description: Gaming clip compilation channel (I have permission to use each clip). Best part about this channel is that I can sell it to someone and it wouldn’t effect the subscribers or views because no one would know the difference. Reason for selling is I have 0 passion for this channel now and I’d like to just cash it out and work on other projects. I also have another channel that I care more about and it’s making more money than this one anyway.


Interested please pm me more info.


PM info and price plz
perfect for me if not priced outrageously lol


Could I know your average price?


Please let me know a price
If the channel has any strikes
How much revenue the channel makes


I am a little concerned non of the videos i checked are monetized.


No strikes, and every video is monetized except for like 10


Pmd you


Pm me link and price


Can I see revenue?

Thank you.


pm me the link and can I see how much revenue the channel makes and price. thanks


still waiting for a pm lol


What price range do you have in mind?


Please pm me the link


Interested. Pm me with more details


PM name and price


Please send link and price


Please send me link, price and revenue. Very intrested.


i don’t think the seller cares that much about selling this


I wouldn’t either if I was getting as much monthly revenue from the channel as he is haha