Selling 2+ Years old twitter profile worth website

Domain name: Twitt.US
Website included?: Yes, developed ground up in PHP.
Price: best offer

It’s time to let go of my fully established website because I no longer have the time to be on top of it, this website has never been promoted in any way and it’s currently topping google in the fist page on all related key phrases and keywords. Also, not to mention it’s been mentioned in one of USA´s top magazines (Currently holding one full page article). Website can sell SMM services (sold a few already) and promoted/monetized as you like.

Bad: I got my adsense account banned for this domain name (website can be fully moved to a new one)

Would love to hear how these algorithms work, as sites like these have been a pain for us over the years. People come in with very unrealistic expectations, and we get yelled at because we’re not right, the evaluation site is.

Hi there Swapd, thanks for asking such a great question. When I sat down a few years ago to do the algorithms I tried to get the results as close as possible to the prices Agencys and Influencers were asking to do mentions in their profiles. Now going to the deal, the maths take into consideration the amount of followers, the market price of the IPO in the stock market and my own calculations to set prices on tweets and mentions. I don’t want to go into too much details as that’s the core magic of the site and results when compared to others alike (Hope you understand). Another plus this one has over the competitors, is the ability to analyze any twitter account you like without knowing its login credentials, just the username and of course, the Twitt.US Market (With $300+ in sales). Included in the sale are the SMM suppliers to deliver purchase orders. I’m also willing to trade the sale for a highly active Twitter/Instagram/Facebook profile ready to monetize.


Hello I am interested in this please message me

Message sent!

Hi there,

cool page. I was testing with a 100k fake followers account and a 10k real followers account. The results strongly favored the fake account. Does the page check account quality in any way?

Hi there @rmgf, sorry but at the moment the algorithms won’t go that deep on profile quality check, but you can see the mention value (monetization) on both accounts you checked is pretty close: USD$ 32.41 for CedaCash (100k fake account) and $34.70 for SoldadaCivil (19k real account). This of course can be improved with new algorithms as full source code will be delivered.

Thank you for letting me know.

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Price reduced 60%!!!

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