[Selling] 214,000+ Monetized Youtube Channel





i am interested. inbox me details please


PM me the link and your price please.




Send price and link PM


Hi, Link PM please. I’ve also messaged you.


send link please


is the user still selling? he has not answered for days


There is currently a deal in progress. I just didn’t want to waste anyone’s time if this deal went through. Should it fall apart I will be in touch with all interested parties. Sorry for the delayed response.


sure. i’d be here waiting just in case :slight_smile:


Why you don’t let us bid against the current offer?


This deal has been processing for the past 3 days. Which is when I stopped acknowledging offers. I decided to take the highest offer after 4 days of being listed. If something happens I will open bidding back up.


4 days is a really short time. I am sure you would have gotten a higher offer. You also never really updated your offer here, you should’ve said something like: “Top Offer 2000 USD, if I dont get any higher I will sell this in 48 hours from now” Like this everyone interested would’ve had the chance to buy this channel. Anyways, just wanted to let you know for future sales.


Not sure if he has a checkout ticket currently open, but if he does, by the rules he is not allowed back out of that.


Hello, did this close or are you still open?


I’m sorry it is no longer available.


@Swapd close thread please
Sellers says it’s no longer available