[SELLING] 218k+ "Top 10" YouTube Channel (Price dropped by $600)



Amount of subscribers: 218,000+
Country of subscribers (majority): Thailand
Topic/Niche: Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Description: I don’t have much to say about this. Its a massive top 10 channel with nearly the entire audience being from Thailand, with quite a few viral videos. I’ve got way too many channels on my hands to manage even a few of them properly, so I’m selling this one off. I’d like to make an important note that it does not let me change the associated AdSense account to my personal one. When I attempt to link it, it states “This URL is not available for signing up for AdSense.” This leads me to believe this is an issue on the channel’s side, as I can associate other YouTube accounts with my AdSense just fine. I’m open to any reasonable offers, just shoot me a PM.

NOTE: Price is NOT FINAL. Feel free to make offers! (BTC OFFERS PREFERRED)

PM me for the channel URL! Screenshots of general analytics attached below.


Open to any offers. PM me if you are at all interested!


Hey Alpha,

can you send over a link to the channel?

thanks in advance!




Heyy I 'd be very interested in this. Please hit me up




PM url please




Price dropped by $600.

Currently looking to get $1,500 for it, but open to any and all offers!


PM url plz




I want to buy it. Please send me a link.


I want to buy it. Please send me a link.




Hi, can you send the url to the channel please? Any fix for the adsense account yet?




Interested. Can you PM when available?




I am interested. Link please