Selling 240k FASHION IG account for $1400

Country of followers (majority): Brazil is first but USA is second at 6%
Amount of followers: 240k
Topic/Niche: Fashion
Does it include the OG (original) email?: YES
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic and engagement groups

Description: I use to be selling the page for $2500 but my client needs the money for another project so the lowest price possible is $1400 USD with no negeotiating. This is a very cheap price especially considering that the account averages about 4k likes a post and has an 85% female audience. The account also has the OG email and all followers and likes are real/organic. If you want the handle, send a PM

Interested ! Handle pls

Please pm me the handle

Handle please. Thank´s

Handle Sent:)

Lol imagine saying that a 240k averages 4k likes as if it was a good thing

Please send link! Thank you!

There’s a reason the price is so cheap… if I was getting 10k+ liked average, I wouldn’t be selling it for $1400 :expressionless:

Handle please!

my 250k stat is worth 10-15k and it has a 1k$ og handle and 35-45k average likes
1.5k is hella overpriced for a 4k likes stat with brazil audience but good luck with sales anyway

pm me the handle, i’m curious to see if that’s accurate

Please PM me the account the name

Pm handle please

If still available, please PM name

Please PM - will make offer after seeing handle

Info please!

Please have this thread closed. The account has been sold offsite a few weeks ago