Selling 404k Verified Youtube Channel

Country of followers (majority): US/UK
Amount of fans/followers: 402880
Topic/Niche: Comedy/Fail/Compilation
Promotion methods used? Organic
Total Channel Views 93,832,113 it was well over 100mil before i removed few videos
Price: Highest offer

Description: I have a famous compilation channel with well over 402k subscribers, My channel is verified with a very active subscriber base I haven’t been posting regularly since I lost interest in youtube. I started My channel in 2015 and worked really hard for it. This channel has made me 34531 dollars in just one month alone, I can prove this if you are interested. If you are serious and uploads content daily this channel has the potential to make a lot of money. Let me know if you are interested.


Please send me link

Please send me a link to the channel. Thanks.

send link please


please share link via url…

link please

Stats verified!

Please send link and price

Please send me more details + the url

Please send link and price, thanks!

Send link please. Thank you

copyright problems:/ so you barely make anything. Anyways, how much $$ are you looking for ?

what’s the current highest offer?

hey, can u send me the ID please.

PM me the channel link please.

Just wanted to know if this is still being sold @maxu

If it is please PM me the URL.

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