Selling 414k FB Group, $249



Country of followers (majority): Bangladesh
Amount of followers: 414k
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Invitations


I bought this group. the group was made by inviting a lot of people ( a lot of accounts with many friends ) and has top Bangladesh audience.

There were several posts that had a few thousand reach. Selling for only $249


Seller states 411K members but the group only shows 28K.


It has 414k, but it shows only when you’re a member, you can ask to join and see.

I don’t know why it shows only 28k before joining, I guess a bug or something.

The page is quite new, as I mentioned in the thread. It was made by inviting a lot of people through multiple profiles.


Maybe that’s the cause. Either way, this all sounds risky.


Still up for sale :slight_smile:


After thinking, 350 is a fair price.

selling for 350!


could you send me the url pls




URL please



Price updated - 300 only


Link please


Invited and joined are 2 different things. You may have invited 414k but only 28k actually joined


What are you talking about?

There are 414k people on the group, that were invited and automatically joined to the group


Price updated - only $249.


please close this


No u close this.


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