Selling 6k subs monetized YT gaming channel!

Amount of subs: 5.5k
Country of subscribers: USA, bosnia
Topic: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): None


Account is monetized

Hiii. Minimum Listing requirement on SWAPD to buy/sell is 10k Subs. Thanks

Does that rule really exist?

@Swapd @Vincent will guide you. Thanks

Thanks Hussey.

**It’s true we have this rule. **

I’ll have to close your topic. Sorry

This rule is really stupid especially now that everyone is looking for monetized channels because YouTube if taking ages to enable it. You should consider changing it.

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Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll consider it.

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10k is a more than reasonable bottom ceiling and the decision was taken with input from the community several months ago, so there was a lot of feedback on the minimum requirements, it was actually a pinned topic for a full month.

I understand that monetization delays have made them a little more desirable, but we have to have some basic requirements, we don’t want listing after listing like 500 users for $25 and stuff like that, that you see on other marketplaces, that are also super easy to bot upto. The idea of the 10k and 20k limits is that it shows that there has been some basic effort put into managing and growing the account over time.