Selling 77k Instagram FanPage

Price: C/O $350 - BIN $500 (+ SWAPD Fee)
Country of followers: Screenshot below
Amount of followers: 77,000
Topic/Niche: FanPage
Does it include the OG (original) email?: No, the OG E-Mail is permanently deleted but I will provide the current E-Mail.

Message me for the handle. Sending handle to ID verified members only! If you’re not verified yet go to @VERIFICATION

Best Offer + SWAPD Fee
Offers Via Private Message

Current Offer $300 - Taking more offers.

Send the @ and I’ll bid if I like it

Pm sent

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@Swapd please reopen



Still for sale

Handle pls

handle plz

Please verify your identity first at @VERIFICATION

Offering 300$

Current offer is already $350

Can I see the profile? I will rise to 360.

What is the username?