Selling 816k + 59k fb pages + 10k youtube + 13,3k soundcloud incl. music branding rights

Country of followers (majority): india, Indonesia
Amount of fans/followers: 875k (2 pages) + yt + sc
Topic/Niche: Musician / Brand
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic, fb ads


I’m selling my 2 fb pages (816k + 59k) alltogether 875k likes and follows for 800 USD. What you get is the 2 pages + rights for Michael Enyo Carey (Michael Carey Project) musician brand name + 10k youtube subs page + 13,3k sc page. Attention: This name is an official brand/DJ of the edm music scene nd supported officially by prominent djs like Headhunterz. The big page name can’t be renamed or merged, the smaller page can. I am selling also the trademark rights for using Michael Enyo Carey, Michael Carey or Michael Carey Project as Music project/DJ name in any kind of way with this pages. Want more info about references to Michael Carey? PM me.

Just sell Michaeal Carey as well while you’re at it :joy:

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Details please…

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