Selling 96K Youtube Channel

Amount of subscribers: 96K
Country of subscribers (majority): Mexico, Brazil, USA, Canada
Topic/Niche: Music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Fully Organic

Description: I am selling my Youtube Channel with 13 Million of total views and 96k Subscribers. Its monetization is already enabled.







Hiiii, Good Luck with the sales.

If you upload following screenshots under your post, that will be so easy for your prospective buyers to make a decision and you’ll save a lot of time in Inbox also.


1-Status and Features Screenshot from Laptop?

2-Lifetime Analytics Screenshot from Laptop?

3-Last Three-Month Analytics Screenshot from Laptop?

4-Last 28-days Analytics Screenshot from Laptop?

5-Geography of Subscribers Screenshot from Laptop?

6-Traffic Sources Screenshot from Laptop?

7-Demography Screenshot from Laptop?

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Pm link and price

No screenshots, no listing. When you upload stats, please PM me and I will relist your topic.

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please pm link, I can make an offer today

I want to continue a Mexico channel. Tell me the price.

what’s your BIN? and ur link chanel pls

where is the my payment ???

100K views per month but the revnue is only 2 cents. How is that possible?

Demonetized videos due to copyright claims most likely as its a music channel.

please pm link thanks

PM the link.
Thank you !

pm link and price please, thanks

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