Selling a Highly Functional Gambling/Casino Website

Business Type: Gambling/Casino Website
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Selling a Highly Functional Gambling/Casino Website

Website Overview:

1. Description of Website Functionality:

  • Homepage and Internal Pages: The site includes a main page and 9 internal pages.
  • User Accounts: Two user accounts - for regular users and for casino brand representatives.
  • Unique Forum: Developed from scratch, without using templates.
  • Casino Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate and leave reviews about casinos.
  • Arbitration: Allows players to resolve disputes with casinos.
  • News and Events: Fresh news and events from the world of casinos.
  • Gaming Guide: Instructions for players.
  • Blog Earnings: Opportunity to earn internal currency through site activity.

2. User Account Features:

  • Information Display: User rank, investment programs, profitability calculator, shop purchases, and notifications.
  • General Chat: Ability to chat and earn points.
  • My Earnings and Deposits: Income and open deposit statistics.
  • User Status: Current status and advantages of each rank.
  • Points Exchange and Withdrawal: Ability to exchange internal currency for real money.
  • Transaction History: Overall user transaction history.
  • Settings and Tickets: Wallet setup, settings changes, and ticket creation for contacting administration.
  • Voting: Participation in polls.

3. Casino Representatives’ Account:

  • Provides access to casino statistics and interaction with players to resolve disputes.

4. Reason for Selling:

  • Too many projects, not enough time for effective management.

5. SEO and Technical Aspects:

  • The site has undergone audits and validations from Google and Yandex.
  • Easily adaptable for other languages.

6. Bonus on Purchase:

  • Purchasing the site includes a new design that has not yet been integrated.

This website represents a highly functional platform for gambling and casino enthusiasts, providing extensive functionality for users and casino representatives. With it, you can create a successful and profitable online business in this field.

You can request more information in a private message. I will provide you with a link + screenshots.

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