Selling A Super Active 354K (275K+ USA, other Tier-1) Page

Country of followers (majority): USA, Australia, Canada, UK, in that order.
Amount of followers: 354000
Topic/Niche: Supernatural (TV, but creepy posts work well too)
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: So this page has been my baby for way too long. I’m not going to give any bs reason such as I don’t have time to work on it. Simple thing is, I need some cash. We have been in lockdown and my bank balance does not look pretty.

Moreover, I also have other pages (on whom shares are available on Swapd) where I sell 3/4 shares per day but thats not enough for now.

I had a guy who used to pay me $700 for 2 shares on the page for a month. Now you’d ask why would you leave a page that makes you $700 per month? Its simple math. Anything above $3500 gets me the money now rather than wait for it. I have also sold shares to creepy video making networks such as Crypt TV, I charge $25 for a single share.

Unfortunately, monetisation has been limited due to originality issue which might be brought back by appealing if you can, its not red, its still yellow and it has been idk 40-45 days.

So all in all, its a page you can grow, sell shares on and do whatever you want (but please still treat it right). The page has been around since 2017, passed through lots of purges, super clean.

Here are the country insights:


Link please !

Link plz


Marked premium.


Hello… Link please…


link please

Sorry man, the checkout ticket is already in progress.

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@SWAPD @Alpha can you please mark this as sold

You can do so yourself using the close button at the bottom of the thread.

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