Selling Active 4+ Million Cartoons/Anime Facebook Page

Country of followers (majority): Indonesia
Amount of fans/followers: 4,023,598 (3rd June, 2019)
Topic/Niche: Cartoons/Anime
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Fully Organic
Payment: Bitcoin is highly preferred
Description: Don’t have time to manage or turn it around. Purchased from swapd around 18 months ago. English Speaking Audience. Page has no restriction whatsoever. Great NICHE and Name Too.

Here are some insights, as well as the last ten or so posts.




Page Quality

Feel free to message me with any questions/doubts!

Thank You!


PMed! Thanks for the interest!

link and price in pm please. Is it ad breaks eligible?

PMed you link! Yes it is ad breaks eligible!

I think I know this page! Can you pm me the price range you’re looking for? Have you tried monetizing the page before? The last post was made in 2017. Can you try posting something and then show the stats? As far as we know the page might be dead. Just making sure

Sent Me Page link and price please

PMed link to everyone. Also made a post to check activity on the page. Will post stats tmrw.

Thanks everyone for the interest!

PM me the link and the your lowest price expectation

What is your current offer and what is the Buy It Now price (if you have one)?

Pm me link and price

PMed link to everyone. Thanks for the interest guys!


Pm with link and best offer

PMed link to everyone interested! Thanks everyone for the interest!!!

Dou you have active right manager for video in your page ?

@JilDigital I am not sure what exactly do you mean?

Pm with link and best offer

@emersonferryere PMed!

Link and price?