Selling an IG account (30k, keeps growing)

Country of followers: the Philippines, and other countries

Amount of followers: 29,300 (almost 30k)

Topic/Niche: Humor & Memes, and here’s a screenshot that gives a glimpse of what I post

Does it include the OG (original) email?: sadly not, I made it using my own personal email with no intention in the future to sell it (Yahoo, not Gmail, I can set one of my other emails or you can put your own, that’d be discussed later on).

Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic and Engagement Networks


The account posts memes that are cartoonish, animated or illustrated. So, in general, it posts about anime, cartoon, drawn memes, etc.

The account gets an average of 1.5k likes per post.

The account grows naturally.

The account is well connected to its fans.

The account has the word “memes” in it including a word before it: “@txxxxxxxmemes

Payment method: PayPal

Edit: changed the price after getting feedbacks from Swap and after checking some similar accounts of mine.

I think you have added a zero by mistake on the price :shushing_face:

Seen more irrational prices on the site. That’s what I got anyway, the account is doing good.

just trying to be helpful. Even if your 30k memes acc was 100% usa it would still not fetch 2.5k
Gl on the sale


Thanks, still standing by my point.
Again, thanks.

Why are you using a word like “toxic” on an innocent offer/deal?
Why are you being toxic?

As much as I know, anyone can ask for whatever they think their accounts deserve, am I not allowed to evaluate my own and tag a price on it?

You can ask anything

But for a 30k philipines india Egypt account 2500$ it is that word. I’ve removed that comment if u’ve felt that hard…!

Agree he’s trying to be helpful

and I was thankful for that, more than once.

Edit: price changed.