Selling Android Games Ready to Make Money!

Account type: Android Games
Price: 78 (incl. SWAPD fees, no extra charge)

Description: I will make Android games for you, just upload on PlayStore get downloads and
Make Money!

:black_circle: Choose from the list of games you want.
:black_circle: To publish a game on Playstore you should have a valid Google Play Console Account
:black_circle: Send me your IDs (Admob IDs, Play Console ID, etc).
:black_circle: Payment Methods: Paypal / TransferWise
:black_circle: Get me a customer I will pay you 10$ as referral bonus (after the customer buys and
pays for the app)
:black_circle: Any questions, feel free to DM

Game List / Demo :-

Game 1 :
Game 2 :
Game 3 :
Game 4 :
Game 5 :
Game 6 :
Game 7 :
Game 8 :
Game 9 :
Game 10 :
Game 11 :
Game 12 :
Game 13 :
Game 14 :
Game 15 :!1RswTYIb!rpZRU5Wzme9Xo031kjOm-GxKMR6j9k-Ij-TI3bi8Irc
Game 16 :!glljkATZ!kFtd3Z8ycy9VoFFPQiKuRLMJEApZRkQRsiUnnrqxglo
Game 17 :!sRkWBYoB!VKJ0p2RIcbHA3TedD6W3UulljL3KzXVPLaIV_DzNyQs



Can you make a full online game??
Like when opening a game it should have a network connection.
Thank you!

I can’t make only online game, but these games work fine online and offline
Thanks for checking out!


78 dollars, any game you want
Thanks for showing interest


Can you make iOS Apps as well? I’m looking for an iOS app.

yeah, i can make an ios game

Do you provide updates to these games if there needs to be an update/fix to bugs?

You can hire anyone from fiverr