Selling Byte handles - some God level

Property type: Byte usernames

Why is it unique?: some God level one word usernames

Price: dm for pricing

Description: I have 10 handles. 5 are god level. 2 are very famous Instagram and TikTok celebrity matching handles. 2 are very decent and brandable. 1 is the matching username of a “funny” guy on SWAPD.

Accepting TransferWise or BTC. Buyer pays fees. No OGE. Doesn’t matter on Byte, can’t be gotten back once email is changed with immediate effect.

Accounts have 0 activity.

Sending to verified users only.

Pricing starts at $1,000 per username. Except “funny” guy username which starts at $1,000,000.


Debatable… Nevertheless, pretty cool handles!


That’s why I put funny in quotations haha. I offered it to him for free and he turned it down. He mustn’t like his own name :joy:



I’d offer $5 for it if SWAPD fees are covered.

:joy::joy: let’s wait for him to reply, maybe he changed his mind.

Updated main post.

Don’t expose me like that!

Don’t sell the name, it’ll worth millions of dollars in the future.

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Maybe I’ll let @Swapd buy it so he can own you on another platform


Bump. Accepting offers

Send handles plz


Bump. Motivated seller.

Send me handles please

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