Selling deleted facebook fanpage

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 180k
Topic/Niche: health
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic traffic

Description: Since facebook now allows retrieving deleted and unpublished fanpages that provide 10 times higher reach, i would like to sell my health niche fanpage.

What do you mean " since facebook now allows retrieving deleted…" where did you get that ?

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Google it

Hey mate, can you give me a heads up, been searching for three days cant find any info.

Pages that have been deleted or unpublished can be now restored. Once they’re restored it gives reach 10 times more than the new created fanpages. A friend of mine just restored a page and with 180k page he gets 90-130k reach

Thanks man. My question is how do you get it restored? Like do i write to FB and bag them to restore it or there is some process that i don’t know of ?

I dont really know the procedure mate…i know a guy who restores the pages and his price is 300 eur per 100k

All you need is a link from the deleted or unpublushed page

WTF !!! Can you get me in touch with your guy, I would need his service ?

BTW can you send me a link from your health page… and how much do you want for it ?

Please give an offer

Im thinking somewhere around $2000

2000 and we to pay for restore or?

I have a 400K deleted top usa model that used to generwte me alot of money, if interested pm me

Im interested plz pm

Pm me im interesfed

pm me pls

hey, can you please pm me ?

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