Selling Dem LGBT friendly Twitter w/ 20M impressions

Amount of followers: 61,000
Country of followers : USA
Topic/Niche: Politics / Current Events / Majority female Dem / LGBT friendly
Promotion methods used? All Organic. Follow only 4,700 accounts. No other promotion has been used

Description: Account followed by many celebrities - many of whom my account does NOT follow. If the celebrity is into politics & progressive, they probably follow my account.

Large volume activity w/ from 15 - 20 million impressions per 28 days depending on volume of tweets and whether or not video is included. Video seems to do best. Pro-Dem / Feminist / LGBT friendly Twitter account which is anonymous with unlimited branding potential. Some well-known entertainers / media accounts often RT. Could be coupled with a blog and monetized quite easily.

For comparison to other sites (we all know this is not representative of market value) - the is $57,043.70

Just want to let you know that theres no chance you’re getting anything close to 57k for the account and that that calculator is utter garbage.

Nonetheless, your account still may be good, just definitely not worth that much.

Good luck with selling!

Obviously! lol

Just using that for comparison. So, for example I saw another account listing with twice as many followers but the value was lots less because I assume of my account activity.

So, I’m not a complete idiot :slight_smile:

My Twitter account could easily make money though or support progressive / Dem candidates if you own a political consulting firm …

Thanks for the note. I thought my “for comparison” covered it but maybe I will edit so no one things I’m stupid :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

Hi SellingTwitter,

could you please send me the URL.

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