Selling Dem / Liberal / Feminist 16M - 20M impressions

Premium High Traffic Account followed by many celebrities, national politicians and journalists - many of whom this account does NOT follow.

Please note that the account does not routinely follow back so the potential for followers is huge. All activity is driven by content, no purchased followers / likes or retweets, no promotions.

The account has never been banned by Twitter.

If a celebrity is into politics & progressive, they probably follow this account and/or have RTed the account.

Large volume activity w/ from 15 - 20 million impressions per 28 days depending on volume of tweets and whether or not video is included. Video seems to do best.

Pro-Dem / Feminist / LGBT friendly Twitter account which is anonymous with unlimited branding potential. Some well-known entertainers / media accounts often RT. Could be coupled with a blog and monetized quite easily.

Go to Google News and search the news for (the account name) … ABC News, Vogue, Washington Post, International Business, Time Magazine, People Magazine, US News & World Report, Yahoo News, Glamour, Sputnik, India Times, New York Daily News, Miami Herald, RT, Fox News have all picked up tweets from this account.

If you are shopping for an account that will give you an INSTANT ability to get your message in front of millions of people - this is it.

The offer to sell is coupled with an offer for contract services of up to 60 days to provide continuing content and transition the account to another owner / content author.

Hello there,
I find it interesting. Please link the twitter account, it’s demographic data and price you’re looking for.

could you please send me the handle, price and stats

Please let me know account link and price

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