Selling dropshipping shopify store with over 200k sales CHEAP

Domain name: Private
Website included?: Yes
Price: Best Offer

Hello Guys, l’m finally listing my long last ecommerce/dropshipping (Shopify) business from 2018. I’ve been generating from March 2018 to November 2018 - around 160k Revenue. I got back to it on May 2019 until September 2019, screenshot from this year sales is attached down below I will also provide from last year. It wasn’t that much active as product actually sells itself, return on investment is about 60%. Everything is still working, I will briefly explain everything from marketing strategies that I have been using to connecting you to the Supplier/owner. Instagram account is at 15.5k Followers, I also have big email database and customers info. I will walk you through everything first month if you’re not familiar with this type of business.
I’m basically open to any offers, I would advise to be reached out by serious people who are willing to make 6 Figures therefore I can’t sell it for low prices but I’ll do my best to make it affordable to everyone. Cheers

Can you PM proof of sales and more info about the numbers? :slight_smile:



Hi, please PM store link, I’d like to discuss.

ars the shoes replicas? or are they real

they are real sir

offwhite vapor max 2.0s for $350? that’s such bullshit lol. They go for $525 anywhere.

Balenciaga Speed trainers are $600+ and you’re selling them for $350

It’s either you’re the only person in the world giving that good of a deal, or you’re reselling replicas.

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man is literally selling replica sneakers on this website, pretty sure that isn’t all the legal .

price dropped. PM me