Selling Electronic Music Label

A friend of mine is selling his electronic music record label. Operating from 2015-19

  • Total releases : 65 (ep, singles, va, albums)
  • Total tracks : 272
  • Genres : techno, tech-house, minimal

Duo to some things with the distributor , you have two way to own it :

  1. Get a own account on the distributor website but the label will still be under our main one (they can’t transfer to a empty one because doesn’t earn the amount required ) and all payment every quarter of the year will be under our main label (we filter the xls docs from the system and you see all the earnings etc , ) for that you will stay in contact with us forever , not a problem . We’re always available 24/7

Price for this way : 2000$

  1. get the label transfered to another distributor (like digdis or anything else you prefer)

Price for this way : 2500$

Plus fee

Facebook page will also be provided

You will be free to re-use the old tracks in the catalogue to create new releases (so in this case, Compilations) that you can re-release on the label itself, or having the credits and rights to the tracks, licensing them to other labels.

Q&A :

Will you help me?

Yes, I will help you in sessions on TimeViewer, to explain how to make your first release. Of course you will need :

  • Wav track (master, or if you pay the distributor, you will receive the master from them)

  • Cover art

  • Artist information

Who is the sale intended for?

We prefer to hand over the label to someone who is already in the music industry business. I mean, if you know what a track master is, and why you need the .wav format instead of the 192kbps mp3, you’re my man.

If instead you need more specific help, you will receive my advice as mentioned to show you the first releases working, then for future work you can open ticket directly with the Distributors who will help you.

Payment : Crypto USDT

For any other Questions, feel free to shot me a DM :love_letter:

Few screenshot :

  • Label Sales List (2015-2019 - but still coming, last release was published in 2019 but label it’ still active)

  • Label have all the green light for be active from tomorrow or whenever u will be ready for the launch

  • That’s mean if today you have a song ready to get published the next month, we don’t have to wait anything, you’re good to go asap :musical_note: :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Not sure 100%, but think 99%; will be possible to rename if you don’t like the currently one, need to ask to the Distributor.

  • Distrubutor keep 20/25% of the royalities

  • Down to send in private few screenshot without red flag / censure

Down to do a timeviewer session through you and me, and will show all you need about our Label.
Then once you bought it, a new session where will show you how to make a release

The distribution service you are using is believe or some other?

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Not believe , another from Uk I been using for 10 years with lots of labels I opened and worked for

Pm me the label name.


Pm label name



Pm name of distributor and label

Does the label own the records or are you only distributing? If you own the records, how much of it on the master side? Or is this a buyout of all the records?

Do you have publishing/SX statements we can look over?

PM links to the higher streamed records, name of label, and who you’re distributing through.

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Our Agency in interested in a time viewer session on this opportunity?

Is this still available?

Hi, yes still available, dm me

Bump - new price 4000$


What’s the benefits of this?


Bump - new pride 3500$


Is it currently generating money?

Re-available again and updates the tos and prices

Send me label name, website, distributor, etc.