Selling Established Website with 50k USA Fanpage Fans

Domain name:
Fanpage:51k ALL USA!
Price: Offer

  • Business Model:
    *The main category of the site is Politics
    *For the content you will get sites where you can copy,or you can make your own article as well.
    *The site spent $25 just for hosting mountly.
    -No other costs at the moment.Unless you want to grow your revenue.

  • Monetization:Facebook instant Articles,Adsense,Revcontent,Content ad…

What are you getting when you purchase this site?
*Facebook Fanpage 50k ALL USA!
*The site with all the articles on it(around 900)
*Premium Design with premium theme
*Premium header plugin

  • Future Opportunities:
    *You can grow easly if you spend money of advertising.
    *You can make more money if you have more time to spend on it and put some product’s on sale on the website.

  • Reason for sale:
    *I stopped working on it before 2 months running other project at the moment.

NOTE:After the sale i will be glad to help you to start with everything needed!


How much?

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Inboxed you.

pm me price


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Inboxed you.

OP can you PM me with the link and price that are you expecting ?!

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price plz

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Send me URL of fan page and price pls ?

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Send me URL And price bro

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what’s your asking price? and since how long the website is live?

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I hope i’ve send a reply to all of you,just pm me if i missed someone.


Price Down-BUMP!

Preformance on the fanpage on link article in first 45 minutes!

Update on the link posted 2 hours on the page! Link Preformance after 5h.

link and price of fun page ???

SOLD! Thank you for using SWAPD.