Selling Established Website with all Content and Social Media Making around 1100$ per month

Domain Name:

  • About the seller:
    *Student on Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science.At the moment working in small company junior frontend web-developer
    in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje.
    *22 years old

  • Description of site:
    *The site is mostly made to inform and help people around the world.
    *The site at this moment is making four up to six articles per day.
    *The revenue comes from Google Adsene and RevContent advertisment.

Tip:You can sell product as well i haven’t update it cause i don’t have time.

  • Business Model:
    *The main category of the site is Health.
    *For the content you will get sites where you can copy,or you can make your own article as well.
    *The site spent $25 just for hosting mountly.
    -No other costs at the moment.Unless you want to grow your revenue.

  • Monetization:
    *As i mentioned above the site use Google Adsense and Revcontent Advertisments.
    *Check the photos for proofs,if you want more proofs just contact me I will show you.

  • Monthly time requirement:
    *You will have to spend around 2-4h a day for the articles,unless you don’t want
    them all original of course you will need more time to do it.
    *The site have automatic posting plugin in all social media so you don’t need to worry about posting on the social media.

  • Marketing:
    *At the moment the site does not use any marketing campaings,the revenue comes from
    the social media account’s.
    -Check them all below.

  • What is being included in the sale:
    *2 Facebook Fanpage’s + One extra if you are interested.
    *Youtube Account
    *Twitter Account
    *Stumbleuppon Account
    *Pinterest Account
    *Instagram Account
    *BuzzFeed Account
    *casanewsfeed with all the articles
    *Premium theme(Newspapper 8.0)
    *Premium header plugin
    *Premium Automatic Social Media Posting plugin

-If you want to see them all with links please contact me privatly.

  • Future Opportunities:
    *You can grow easly if you spend money of advertising.
    *You can make more money if you have more time to spend on it and put some product’s on sale on the website.
    *You can make more post’s per day if you have time.

  • Reason for sale:
    *I don’t really have time to invest in the site as i started to work,and I’m a student so I need fast money.

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I am interesset nice site and niche wich best success how much want to selling all info

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The URL is right in the first post? -_-

URGENT: Price Down!

please send me all the urls, im interested!

PRICE DROP-Need to sell it as fast as i can!


Your offer looks interesting to me.
Can you send me details and cost?


Sorry user banned.