Selling Extremely Active 220k FB Page



Property type: Facebook Page
Amount of fans/followers: 221k and growing
Country of followers (majority): 95% USA (211k)
Topic/Niche: Politics
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No
Price: Highest offer

Description: The page is almost 1 year old, it was created and grown by myself only with original viral content (you won’t have any copyright problems). The page is extremely active, with a lot of engagements on all posts. You can see this in the pictures. I am selling it because I work on other projects and don’t have so much time.
Problems: Instant articles are blocked on this page. But you can re-post on this page from other FB pages and IA still works. (So, I don’t consider that as a problem, you can still make money with Instant Articles :slight_smile: )
Please feel free to ask everything about this page.


pm me details


PM me details please


URL pls?


PM me details please


Thank you for asking. I PM you, please check.


pm me details please


Can you please PM me with the highest offer till now please?


Seems a good page with good audience and good post reach.


Thank you @gilly! Are you interested?



Can you send me statistics of link click and reach thanks? Also your price? and name of page?


please pm current offer


I sent PM to everyone. Please see it and send me your answer.
Also feel free to ask me everything about my page.


pm the url please , i m very interressted



Can you send me statistics of link click and reach thanks? Url page? And i would like to know why this page was bloock instant article?


PM url please.


Can you please send me url and statistics of link click and reach. Thanks


URL and price please!


PM page URL please


Very interested PM details