Selling extremely high traffic, visibility & potential to monetize



Premium engagement / US political account. Goes from 13 million to 32 million impressions every 28 days. Never suspended & always with the same owner. Some days more than 1 million impressions in a day.

Fantastic account as 2020 starts its engines.

75,500 organic followers. No use of follow back. No promotions. All content driven.

3,700 retweets a day

Right now at 13 million impressions every 28 days

8,400 likes per day

600 replies per day

1,000 link clicks per day

NOTE: the Twitter account is set up using my personal email. It has always been my personal account. I don’t think either party would want the email to remain by personal email account. I am unsure about the process of changing it over during a transfer of ownership. Have a question in with SWAPD to see what they may know on this subject.

Once you have account name, go to Google News and search the news for (the account name)

Vogue, Washington Post, People Magazine, US News & World Report, Glamour, Sputnik, India Times, RT, Fox News, Huffington Post, college newspapers + hundreds of other publications around the world have all picked up / PUBLISHED (not just a retweet) tweets from this account in their articles.

The account regularly has DM conversations with celebrities, journalists and political campaigns.

The account is regularly RTed by large, verified accounts

Country of followers (majority): United States
Topic/Niche: Politics / Democratic / Feminist / Anti Trump
Promotion methods used? No promotions ever used - all original from content
Country of followers (majority): US
Topic/Niche: Politics - Democrat / Liberal Followers / More females than males
Promotion methods used? All organic from content
Description: Unique / anonymous female account handle / perspective.

Retweeted regularly by high-profile, celebrity, media, political accounts & major world-wide newspapers / magazines

Perfect for branding with a blog or regular column

This twitter account is extremely high traffic, visibility & potential to monetize.

If you ever wanted to have a platform ready made – this is it.

Current owner of the account is willing to continue providing content for up to 60 days as part of the sale price.

This is not for the faint of heart … this account is THE account to have if you want to be in the political market or appeal to the base of Americans highly motivated RIGHT NOW …

Example interaction from account: interviewed in late August for Portuguese publication, participated in university research study on social media influencers, texts and calls with extremely high profile media personality & attorneys involved in cases in the news, regular communication with news personalities.

This is a fantastic account that could be turned into something HUGE! Send me your questions.

Great potential for more followers. The account has NEVER followed back as a matter of course. Using regular follow back - the account could followers could easily double or more in 30 days.


Marked as Premium due to the outstanding demographics.

However, you removed the default required question: Does it include the OG (original) email?:

Could you please answer it and add it in?


How come it gets only 1k link clicks per day?


Guessing that it depends on whether I put a link in the tweet. Here is a screen shot of that section of the analytics


Please send the link and the highest offer so far. Thank´s


Please pm more details


Hey! Can you send me the info please? Very interested. Thanks!


what’s the url and your price.


Handle and price please


Interested. Handel and Price Please



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