Selling extremelyyy high engagement Instagram acc

Country of followers (majority): united states
Amount of followers: 35k
Topic/Niche: viral girl memes
Does it include the OG (original) email?: yes! Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic

Description: this is one of my accounts I’ve been growing for a year or so. It’s extremely active. Gets millions of impressions since my main focus has always been engagement first Screenshot_20200406-002529_Instagram|281x500

Uploading: Screenshot_20200405-135249_Instagram.jpg… Uploading: Screenshot_20200405-135239_Instagram.jpg…

$3,000 for 35k ???
I seriously hope that is a TYPO! lol


Check inbox

please send username i would like to purchase

Follower count is irrelevant. I’ve focused on engagement for a year and it shows cuz my recent post received 400k impressions in a day and I consistently get 1mill + impressions

Please ID verify with us first, only then we will allow you to sell on SWAPD

Cool story bro! :+1:


Updated photo of recent viral post

ONE Post doesn’t make it worth 300,000¢ lol

Please Stop replying to me, I’m not buying it. Good Luck!

Its consistent and so many more :joy: im only replying for other potential buyers to know (:

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Kindly send me the handle

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kindly send handle?

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Handle pls

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I don’t think you can invest $3000 for it because with $3000 I can grow a page with ads/shoutouts to 150k-200k


Ill make you an offer if you come to your senses send me a msg😂


Lol i hope u dont get two viral posts i can see it being 10k $


Nah I can take many more screenshots if you want :joy:

Screenshots wont do 3k… work ur ass off and come back and sell it after u make 200-300k