Amount of subscribers: 75,000
Country of subscribers (majority): USA , Canada
Topic/Niche: Tiktok , Entertainment , Memes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

Hey im selling my youtube channel with 75,000 active subscribers , im selling it because im in need of money to fund other projects im looking forward to .

The channel has 26M overall views through its 13 month age .

The channel is branded and in contact with TIKTOK , it has a partnership with TIKTOK .
This channel is very active and you are easily able to rebrand because the custom url has not been taken over it yet . This channel Is eligibe for monetization but i have not linked a adsense account at all, this chanel overall has a sponsorship/partnership with TIKTOK the MUSICAL.LY app , which offers a payout based on views and link clicks per video .

Im only asking for 3,600 USD open for negocisations for this massive but small channel with potential to bring in over 200K+ views per video and over 15,000 monthly subs . The channel is a great inversion if you love to create compilations or if you have a general love for comedy . ALSO THIS CHANNEL IS EASILY REBRANDABLE

price dropped to 5200

Can you DM more info on your Tik Tok partnership and any financials info. Thanks.

Price dropped to 4,500$

Done :slight_smile:

Price dropped to 3,600$

Can you please send me the url? Thanks


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link inb please

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