Selling Food Tiktok channel which is officially supported by Tiktok

Country of followers (majority): India, Malaysia
Amount of fans/followers: 291k Followers
Topic/Niche: Food / Cooking / Recipes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Official support from Tiktok and Organic


I would like to sell my familiar Food / cooking TikTok channel with 3.3M Likes and 291k+ Followers.

My account is officially supported by Tiktok, because I am a Food channel Youtuber. Tiktok contacted us and asked me to create a Tiktok account so that they want to support us.

They are giving good support but we don’t have a time to upload new contents. So we would want
to sell us our Tiktok account which is made for cooking. If you want I would introduce to Tiktok’s creator manager.

We brought 305k followers, since we don’t have time to upload new contents it dropped to 292k+ followers

We don’t want let this go after we put so much effort. So we want to sell it someone who is interested in buying and uploading new contents.

In which way do they support the account? Could you provide more information?

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