Selling fully setup, automated e-commerce store with US based DropShipping

Domain name: (NSFW)
Website included?: Yes
Price: $1500

So about 3 months ago I completed this site after spending about 3 months building it, setting up fulfilment via automated API, and to be quite frank, I have zero time for this nowadays. I set it up as it has a very practical supplier with everything handled automatically. The site has 12,000 products, and even the stock list is updated automatically with the latest products. 50% of each sale is total profit, with wholesale access to 12k adult products. It is entirely linked in Google Merchant, where about 11k products are approved for sale through Google ads (the others had nudity on the product image). I put $40 bucks on Google Shopping ads just while testing it the APIs and I made the money back in a sale so it is for sure a good opportunity for someone who is looking to get into e-commerce but doesn’t know where to start. It stocks all top products in this category (many of which I still can’t believe exist).

Huge opportunity to brand it locally and utilize local SEO, as well as optimising Google ads to make better returns.

Everything is hosted on Wordpress with Woocomerce, I’ve paid for a year of hosting already, with about 9 months left, included in the price. So 0 monthly fees. Lots of opportunities to grow it and happy to comment privately on the different ways to promote it.

Price is based on a quick sale.

hello, send me the URL please, ty

Url is in description -

bump - price $1200

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