Selling great Polish Women's page

Country of followers (majority):Polish
Amount of followers:108k
Topic/Niche: Women’s page
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):Organic

Description: I decide to sell this page because I don’t have the patience anymore for FB, I lost FBIA accounts, and I don’t wanna wait for it anymore.
ABOUT PAGE: This is one great page with insane activity (See pics below), I bought a page in January this year. I guarantee this is one of the best pages by the number of followers! This page made me good money in past, but I don’t have IA accounts anymore, I don’t wanna kill page with Adsense so I decide to sell page. I will post all statistic and earning proofs, I will allow Swapd admins to verify everything. I looking for the serious buyer, and don’t contact me with small offers, because this page made 1500$+ by month!
So this is stats:
Earning proof for last month I had IA: I post 8 links by day and 6 pictures.

Page stats

NOTE: These low reach posts are shared by other pages.

LINKS Links also work well. Some average reach is above 15k and 1.5k clicks.


And one more time, please only serious buyers, people who wanna work with Polish audience.

Bump and update.
Yesterday post, organic reach 100%!

Why did you lose access to your page’s IA?!

Because I m from Serbia, tier 3 country…

I am from Egypt and my IA account is working fine.

Good for you… But I think that is not point of this topic?

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Ok, good luck selling it.

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@Swapd you can close the topic, page is not for sale anymore.

Is your page deleted or just not for sale?

All the best

It’s not deleted (I’ve checked)

Closing topic.

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Jason reopened it…?