Selling Health Content Website Makes $200-230 a month


I’ve decided to sell a website I own.

The website is in the Health & Diet niche, with 1,000-1,500 organic visitors a day coming from Pinterest. it’s built on Wordpress so it’s very easy to manage.

The website makes around $5-$15 a day without doing anything. You can earn a lot more if you have traffic resources related to health. or if you expertise in Pinterest SEO.

I currently monetize the website with Revcontent, which is one of the best ad networks. the website made $64 in the last 7 days!

If you have Adsense you can implement Adsense ads with those and multiply your revenue.

The website link and any info wanted will be provided in PM.

I’m looking for $5,000. only serious inquires please!

You are looking for a multiple of like 5X…

I think you’re looking for way too much money with that website.
Would you care to shoot me a PM with the URL?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think I ask for too much.
Please verify your account first.


I’ll take care of my account later, I’m laying in bed now.

My offer’s $1k anyway.

Have a good day.

Sir, Getting a multiple of 1-2X is GOOD, for a website like this. Your multiple is nearly 5.

PLease send me url. Thanks

can you pm me the URL?

Have to disagree with your multiple here… 15-20 is good… 5 is reasonable for a growing site. 1-2 is cheap

15-20?? Are you talking about a monthly multiple? Then maybe that would be reasonable. If you mean yearly, please link any website that has ever sold for that.

Well you can look on the stock market for a start at the major media companies…

1-2 is scam. Nobody sane sells for 1-2.
5 is rare and unlikely.
12-24 is normal.
36+ is expensive.

Yair is expensive.

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Buyers are always looking for cheap and good deals. :wink:

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Thank you. And when I Said 1-2 is good I was talking about a yearly multiple. and @batman you said 5 is reasonable for a growing site. Yea, you are right, so a 5 multiple here is $650. 5000 is a 33 multiple like rgmf said. Very unrealistic.

Yea. The only price I’d sell it for is 5k. Otherwise I rather keep it. I know its a bit expensive but it’s worth it :ok_hand:

Good luck.


Yair will enlighten you.

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Purchase from me and your life will be better!


Can vouch for it, guy sold a babe acocunt at insane price to me, very easy to grow page. Now has value in 4 digit $s

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