Selling high quality Raya Invites! Get accepted into Raya

Service type: Raya invite from Raya + user account - very active account that has been on Raya for more than 6 months. I’ve helped multiple people get on the platform.

Price: 200$ with all fees included

Description: Looking to get accepted on to Raya? Boost your chances with an invite!

Note: There are no guarantees on getting accepted, the Raya team makes the final decision. A referral boosts your chances, but it doesn’t mean you will get accepted instantly. I’ve seen people waiting for 5 months to get accepted, it might take a while. Make sure your social presence is strong (good looking pictures, lifestyle/travel/luxury preferred). You don’t need a lot of followers. Showing an unique occupation also helps.


Tell me the description of the person, how long they have been on raya etc etc

What is this ?


Description of person please and thanks.

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Description of person ^^

We already have a ticket :sunny: @scientistftw

sorry i am dumb asf

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One stroopwafel for one invite. Take it or leave it.

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Will swapd take 10% fee on that?

He already ate all my cookies, so it would be a shoot-out if he would.


Check PM

Looking for an invite, pls dm me