Selling (High Quality) Youtube Channels with Enabled Monetization (No Copyright or community Strikes) GUARANTEED



Service type: Selling (High Quality) Youtube Channel with Enabled Monetization

Monetization Enabled
No Copyright or community strikes.
Works on any niche.

Price: Best Offer

Hello everyone, if you would like to bypass the review process of Youtube and wanted to start earning from Youtube videos. This service is for you.

Payment via PayPal or Bitcoin.
Safe transaction guaranteed.
Quality Channels Guaranteed.

Contact me for prices.
For questions, please leave them below this post.
I’ll return to each one of them.

Thank you.


  1. As Youtube gets harder day by day, prices vary from time to time.

  2. All Sales are final. No refunds after accounts are delivered.

  3. You can expect high-quality account

  4. Subscribers are deleted after delivery for our business purposes ( but it doesn’t affect anything)

  5. Instant delivery after getting the payment, sometimes can be longer - maximum to 96 hours.

  6. I only communicate here in SWAPD. Thank you.


Moved to YouTube.


“Selling (High Quality) Youtube Channels” - What “High Quality” stands for, if you delete the subscribers afterwards?


I’m interested if the price is right.


Where is URL? It must be visible to VIPs and Premiums. Thanks


Send me a list of channels thanks


Hello @Nova the subs don’t affect monetized account. What makes it in high quality is it meets the Youtube Standards and does not violate any Youtube Policy. Meaning all you to do is to upload your videos. If you require subs, I can help.

Thank you.


Hello, I sent you PM. Please check.


UPDATES. Please read.

  1. The channel now includes 1k+ subscribers and 4k+ watching hours.
  2. You are not buying for subscribers. You have buying a monetized channel that is ready to make you money. The investment will be returned with the right videos. The price is right.
  3. You can edit the channel name, and other details.
  4. You will be given with the email and the password.
  5. You can request for screenshots and channel link.
  6. I can supply many channels.

Thank you.


Sent you PM. Please check.


Please send channels and prices. Also what does “If you require subs, I can help.” entail?


Hello @Sephira I sent you PM. Please check. Thank you :slight_smile:



  1. This particular service is for monetized YouTube channel.
  2. Request for views, targeting, other targets concern and subscribers other than what has been disclosed will also be entertain however only after the monetized YouTube Channel was delivered or the service is rendered.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Pl, link channel


Price and list of channel please


Hi ,channel list and price please, thanks


thanks, can you give pm prices?


Could you please share channel links and prices? Thanks



  1. Please PM your inquiries.
  2. I can also help grow youtube accounts. From Organic Subs to Views. Please PM.
  3. PayPal payment no longer available due to PayPal’s issue of limiting accounts. Even with a clear conscience.

Please ask PM
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, can you send me channel URL and prices please