Selling HIGHLY ACTIVE Facebook Politics Group

Country of followers (majority): United States of America
Amount of fans/followers: 70.380
Topic/Niche: USA Politics
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic / Paid Advertisement

Description: The facebook group is ACTIVE AS HELL! Every good post gets around 1-3k likes (That’s 1-2k clicks per post aprox). The reason I’m selling it, is because I bought even larger one and I need to invest there. If I didn’t had the current group, I would never sell this one. With good posts, you can earn aproximatelly $50-200 on a daily basis NO DOUBT.

The interesting fact is that many pages got affected with the new algorithm of news feed, but look at the bright side, THIS IS A GROUP! They are not affected at all.

Other good thing is that, this group has 300-600 requests to join DAILY and they’re all TIER 1 (Americans Mostly) with 30k currently pending posts.

If you’re a serious buyer, then I’m open for negotiations and I will lower the price.

Please PM URL :slight_smile:

Sold sorry