Selling instagram 84k account!

Country of followers (majority): Indonesia/brazil
Amount of followers: 84k
Topic/Niche: Football/sports
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): fully organic

Description: Getting 500 followers everyday! Growing page… Good views.

Do not try to sell your account as something it is not. This is clearly not organic growth. I’d consider awarding this user a questionable seller badge @Swapd

These comments are evidently from participating in engagement groups. Similar comments can be seen on multiple of your posts from nearly the same accounts every time.

Also, please take out the screenshot that displays your account name.

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Lmao i think thats what u call like and comment? And those people are not even following me? I think u should go and check out my views and come here and then bark, u know ■■■■ about it so better shut up!

Its called engagement groups big man

People in engagement groups don’t follow you, so n1 just adding further evidence.

I’m not trashing your likes and views. They’re there and they’re extremely good, along with the account growth. Not bashing you on that. I’m bashing you that you’re claiming your growth is organic. You’re selling something claiming its grown organically when its not. The next person that buys this will not achieve the same growth & engagement unless they do L&C or engagement groups as you are doing currently.

I actually never did L and C…:joy: and u can check it…

The point is i grow because i post good videos not because of L and C…

Screenshot removed revealing account name. Do not publicly post URL’s, this includes screenshots.