Selling Instagram Account with over 94k of Followers

Country of followers (majority):
Amount of followers: Over 94k
Topic/Niche: Motivation/Business
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic Growth)
Description: This Instagram account has over 94k followers and is followed by many Verified & Famous Athletes, Adult Stars, Actors/Actresses, Real Estate Agents, Entrepreneurs etc. by taking it seriously I manage to grow this Instagram accounts in the span of 3 months. The reason why I’m selling it is because I don’t have the time for it anymore & I love helping out fellow Entrepreneurs. Also I will give & show you all the info on how I grow the account so quickly.

Here are the 10 ways you can make money off this Instagram account:

1- You can grow the Account and Sell it for a Bigger Profit

2- You can sell Shoutouts/Promos

3- Affiliate Marketing

4- Instagram/TikTok Dropshipping

5- Drop Servicing

6- Sell a Course/Program

7- Sell Ebooks

8- Print on Demand

9- Airbnb

10- Set up a Subscription Plan on Instagram

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any strikes against the account?

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